Global Scope engages teams of university students, with the support of consulting mentors, to deliver 3 or 6 week business projects to clients including NSW government departments, business, and NGO’s.

In announcing the Study NSW Partner Project, Minister Ayres said “Intersective will offer work integrated learning experience to 200 students in the NSW public sector, with potential to scale the program ongoing to thousands of students every year…”. We now offer the program to more than a thousand students a year.

Submit a project

Do you work for a government department, NGO or small business? Do you need some help with a project? Why not get the support of a student consulting team by submitting your business project our next 3 week cohort kicks off on July 6th

Be a mentor

Are you a professional with 3+ years industry experience? Do you want to develop your mentoring and coaching skills? Invest 2hrs and support future professionals through their first industry experience. Our next cohort starts on July 6th!

Join a team

Are you a university student? Do you want to develop your professional skills while working on a real business project? Check if your university is participating in Global Scope and ask your university program coordinator to be in a Global Scope student consulting team.

Feedback from completing students has been very positive;

  • 96% of completing students would recommend Global Scope to a friend
  • Teamwork & communication, employability, and professional workplace insight were the top benefits cited by students
  • 94% of completing students said Global Scope helped them make new friends and connections in Australia
Erina Adriani Headshot 2

Erina Adriani

My most important learning in this program was interpersonal skills and confidence, and I also really value the friendships made. It’s a great initiative for international students.

Global Scope Graduation Ceremony at NSW Parliament House - June 16, 2016

A government press release congratulating all Global Scope graduates can be found here.


Do you want to participate in our next Global Scope program or are you interested in more information about this program? Just leave your details and we will get back to you shortly!

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