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Hi, my name is Farida. It’ s the first week at my internship, and there are many new challenges. My boss has asked me what hours I would prefer to be in the office, and assigned me to a very challenging project concerned with a subject I have no knowledge of. How do I respectfully communicate my preferences? How do I indicate if I need more support? Help me navigate my first week as an intern, and guide me through some of the communication issues often faced by interns during their first weeks.


Hi, my name is Amy.  I’m in the middle of my first week of my internship and faced with a challenging situation. I’ve been assigned to a group to tackle a research project, and present the findings to my boss at the end of the week. The team dynamics are not going as well as I’d hoped, and I’m not sure what to do. Help me navigate my teamwork dynamics, and turn this experience into a successful one for us all!


Hi, my name is Lukas. It’s my first day of work tomorrow at my very first internship ever. I’m excited, and also a little nervous. I’m not quite sure how to prepare for my first day, what to wear, or even what to do when I arrive at the office. I have many more questions, such as how should I address colleagues, especially those who are more senior than I am, when to know it’s okay to go home at the end of the day, or how to know what to do. Help me navigate my first day as an intern, and prepare for my first day at the office!

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