Intersective co-founder featured in AFR

This article was written by Michael Bailey in AFR on June 6, 2016 and the content is owned by AFR here.

How Australia can get the most from university research (try beer and pizza)

Intersective co-founder and co-CEO Beau Leese was featured in the Australian Financial Review today, commenting on the importance of University-Business Collaboration to Australia’s innovation performance.

Beau said “collaboration between Universities and business is a critical innovation issue that Australia can do better at, which brings underappreciated dividends for all sides. It’s an issue I’ve experienced and tackled from the perspective of startups, Government Research, large business and University sides. With Intersective, we are helping leading businesses and Universities achieve better outcomes from work integrated learning collaboration – which is a really good place to start – from single internships to massive business innovation programs.”


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