Intersective presents at CA Accounting Frontiers Forum at UTS

On December 12, 2015 Intersective was asked to present at the sixth Accounting Frontiers Forum, bringing together stakeholders to openly discuss the frontiers of accounting education innovation from both a research and practice perspective.

It is timely in 2015 to revisit debates about the future of accounting education in Australia. It is two decades since the Mathews report (Mathews et al., 1990) and several years since Evans et al. (2010) made a series of recommendations covering a broad range of issues for the accounting discipline including resourcing, quality of programs, and the need to integrate soft skills into accounting programs. The presenters at this Forum have been asked to discuss the interface between the academy, students and the profession in determining future directions in accounting education. For instance, to provide a foundation for an open national discussion on possible strategies, issues and changing skill sets for accounting graduates, accounting academics and higher education providers, by identifying major challenges and strategies for addressing them. It is the intention of the Forum to encourage an exchange of views about current and future accounting curriculum design. Universities have moved over the years from a position of tightly prescribed degree structures with little latitude for the development of broader educational interests, towards a loosening of requirements for economics and mathematics and a broadening of areas of concern to include professional communication, sustainability and problem solving in an international context.

The presentation deck given by Wes Sonnenreich, Co-CEO of Interesective is provided below.

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